Our Company and Founder

Change How You Teach: Our company, Eco Teaching Resources, LLC, develops and supplies hyper-local field guides for cities, camps, school districts, and more. We provide customizable, accurate, alternative teaching materials that create heightened learning environments and enhance how people interact with nature.

Our vision is a community where people interact with one another, observing the natural world around them. To bring this vision into reality, we build a network of people who focus their educational pursuits, attention and knowledge to their local ecological address. The developed materials of Eco Teaching Resources build around the ideas of providing enhanced, hyper-local teaching materials that will create enriched learning environments to promote a deeper sense of spatial connectivity.

We value the visions of modern educators and their ability to create enriched learning experiences, which change the way people understand and interpret their natural environment. We value the opportunities to build our company’s culture by providing the most environmentally and ecologically friendly experiences and products within our educational field.

Our mission is to support and provide resources for a community where educators and naturalists can create, design, and build educational guides that make sense to their style of teaching; and to create materials for students within that community to foster a deeper understanding of and connection with their natural world.

Our FounderKirk Evans has focused on environmental, ecological, adventure and outdoor learning for over 25 years. He has taught students from K-16 in traditional and nontraditional education settings. He founded Eco Teaching Resources to empower teachers and naturalists to bring people closer to nature.

Kirk has received awards and been recognized for his work in experiential education by Allen ISD, Houston ISD, Keep Allen Beautiful, Keep Texas Beautiful, Texas Association for Environmental Education, and National Blue Ribbon Schools in Washington DC.

Nine years ago, he created the nationally recognized and award winning Ecoliteracy Project at Norton Elementary and Olson Elementary in Allen ISD, Allen, TX. His ideas that promote and provide opportunities that build ecological literacy have acquired more than $100,000 in grant funds and in-kind donations over the last eight years.

Mr. Evans has been able to share his experience, passion, and voice for education as a member of the Board of Directors for the Heard Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary and Connemara Conservancy, as a Teacher Voice in the Dallas Morning News, in Dallas Child, on the Greening Living with Howard Garrett Radio Show, and in the Journal of Experiential Education. He has been a guest speaker and presenter at local, state and national organizations such as, the Keep Texas Beautiful, Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching, Sierra Club, National Blue Ribbon Schools, Association for Experiential Education, and the international conference for the Association for Challenge Course Technology.

Kirk has built a foundation of teaching students to observe, explore and discover their ecological address. He is passionate about nature, and is excited that his hyper-local field guide templates can re-engage people with their environments. He designed Nature’s Window for cities, camps, school districts, nature centers, and other conservation minded organizations, but has come to realize the possibilities are endless with this 21st century identification flashcard.

He is most proud to be a father of two boys who love to play outside, build things out of sticks and rope, play in the mud and stomp down the grass in their tree shaded back yard. He could not have pursued his vision to create Eco Teaching Resources without the loving and constant support of his wife, Allison.